Gambling treatment dvd

Gambling treatment dvd casino locaties

This is our DVD search page, simply type in the name of the dvd or a keyword like "Hollywood Hendrix" for example. Shady Retreat Road, Doylestown Pa,

Petry illustrates the first of her eight-session program, demonstrating bambling start of the treatment process. Petry Preventing Workplace Substance Abuse: Viewers are expected to treat confidential material found herein according to strict professional guidelines. This program is a fitting teaching tool for students and counselors who want to know more about problem gambling, and for gamblers searching for hope and change. I have read treatmdnt agree to the Material Distribution Guidelines. There are no magic cures, but there is hope.

Problem Gamblers and their Finances, A guide for treatment professionals DVDs. DVD #1 (approx. 71 min). Big Win (20 min) High School Texas Hold-em:  Wed, Nov 1. Gambling is a primary addiction for a growing number of individuals and a potential cross-addiction for alcohol and drug addicts, this DVD provides crucial. An in-depth look at the attitudes, feelings, and behaviors of compulsive gamblers, A facilitator's guide accompanies the video.

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